I finally have my Home Office Workspace exactly how I want it, so I thought I’d share it with you. This post is in collaboration with Vividwireless.

Our house is so light and airy so I have the blinds drawn and when they’re up, I have a lovely outlook of our backyard and deck.

On the subject of wireless-ness…

I’ve been accessing the internet via this wireless modem from Vividwireless. All it needed was a power source to plug it in, type in my password and I was connected instantly. I didn’t have to wait for a technician to come around and there are no messy cables. Previously, it’s taken me up to 6 weeks to connect to the internet with other providers but that’s another, very annoying story!

I have power sockets right next to my desk which meant I could have the modem on my desk and be able to work in the living room – perfect! The work that I do is almost constantly desk based and online so it was essential to have an efficient internet connection at home and Vividwireless has helped make that possible.

In my experience, the connection was quick and has had no interruptions so I’m online constantly. You can check to see if Vividwireless is available in your area.

I’m on the internet on a daily basis and when I upload videos to my YouTube channel, the rest of the family have to put up with super slow or no internet so I’ve been using this little ‘plug and play’ modem just for me. Everyone’s happy as it means we can all be on the internet and get things done at the same time without my family having to wait until I’ve finished uploading.

A little more about Vividwireless…

That completes my home office workspace! I love having my own workspace and I’ve been planning it for a while. It’s perfect for me because it gives me my own space but not shut away in a separate room.

Vividwireless is purpose built for data rather than mobile phone services, focusing on giving Aussies great access to the internet to search, download, share and send data easily. With plans starting at just $29 per month, to unlimited GB (acceptable use policy applies to their unlimited plan) access for only $89 that allows users to download as many movies, music tracks or games as you like – there’s something for every budget.

We’re so budget-conscious and have paid a small fortune to other providers in the past for our internet connection so Vividwireless’ affordable plans really appeal to us. The less I spend on internet charges means more budget is available for my stationery addiction too!

If you want to see my home office workspace in ‘person’, here’s a mini tour:

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