For Brands

We connect brands with Social Mums via online trial teams and/or pop-up experiences to activate trials, ignite real-user reviews and build long-term advocacy.

Mums turn to online reviews and recommendations from other mums before making any purchase. Gone are the days where brands can tell mums what’s so good about the product. Now, it mums who are the authors driving these messages. That’s why authentic feedback by a trusted source is critical and more important than ever in the path to purchase.

We work with brands to: select the right advocates that suit your product and introduce them to your product. Thereafter, we facilitate and amplify reviews to help others make a decision about buying your product. 1 stop campaign.

Contact us for custom solutions and to find out about participating in 2017 pop up and major events.

Social Mums is part of the Kids Business platform of products connecting brands with mums.